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    Wire drawing machine - important equipment for metal wire production

    [   Date£º2016-9-18 11:25:28   Visits£º  ]

    Metal wire drawing machine is an important equipment in the production of metal wire, metal wire drawing machine belongs to the standard parts and other metal products processing equipment, its metal wire drawing machine is mainly used in mechanical manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical and other industries.
    The use of metal wire drawing machine is in order to put a steel manufacturer to transport standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises after drawing wire and rod drawing machine, the wire or rod diameter, roundness, internal microstructure, surface roughness and straightening degree reach standard parts and other metal products the production of raw materials to processing requirements. So the drawing machine wire or rod pretreatment quality is directly related to the standard parts, and other metal products production enterprise product quality; drawing machine belongs to the equipment industry metal products, metal wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine is widely used in steel wire, wire rope, wire, standard parts and other metal products the pre production and processing.
    In the wire drawing machine is an important equipment in metallurgy industry production of metal wire, cold drawing machine manufacturers think the main function is to pull all kinds of wire into the required specifications of the filaments. From the work form and the mechanical structure is divided into straight, loop type, water tank (also known as dual frequency wire drawing machine). For different precision products different specifications, different types of metal wire drawing machine, can choose different specifications for wire and cable production enterprises of copper and aluminum material, fine drawing machine application dual frequency control is widely used for most steel production enterprises, according to the characteristics of the steel, the use of straight wiredrawing machine more. One of the most widely used dual frequency drawing machine, is the most representative.

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